What You Need To Know About Cognitive Computing!

Cognitive Computing

In dynamic scenarios where the responses may be unclear and vague, cognitive computation with the use of computerized simulations to mimic the human thought process. The term is strongly related with Watson, the cognitive machine system of IBM. Cognitive computing overlaps with AI and includes several of the same fundamental technology, including expert systems, neural networks, robotics and virtual reality, to power cognitive software (VR).

IBM’s supercomputer, Watson, an artificial intelligence computer system capable of answering questions asked in natural language, is the most popular technical tool in the field of cognitive computing. Watson is best known in the famous U.S. for trouncing a national champion effectively. Jeopardy, the TV quiz show. What rendered this triumph more impressive was that the supercomputer was able to decode and select the right response to the complexities in natural language.

Following Jeopardy’s popularity, Watson has also been hired by a major U.S. medical insurance firm to identify medical conditions and prescribe patient care plans. Watson would be able to examine 1 million books, or about 200 million data pages. Siri, the speech recognition software on the iPhone, is another well-known example of cognitive computing. Cognitive computing’s old avatar was specialist programs focused on artificial intelligence. This specialist system were inference engines which were focused on laws of knowledge.

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