Best Cloud Computing services of 2020.

Cloud Computing.

Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services like servers, storage, databases, networking, software and intelligence over the internet(Cloud). In a way, cloud computing refers to the virtual storage where we can store all our data and information with no pressure of physical storage management.

Types of cloud computing:

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

Platform as a service (PaaS).

Software as a service (Saas).

Function as a service (FaaS).

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The New Chain “Blockchain”

Block Chain

Blockchain is something like a database. It differs with database due to the way it stores information. Unlike a literal database, blockchain stores data in block that are chained together. The blocks are chained to one another in a chronological order. So fat blockchain has been used as the backbone for the trending cryptocurrency market.

Types of blockchains:

Public blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Private blockchains like Hyperledger and R3 Corda.

Hybrid blockchains like Dragonchain.

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Artificial Intelligence, the intelligence that could change the future.

Artificial Intelligence.

AI is the combination of human intelligence and action that a machine mimics to think and act exactly like us humans. AI has the ability to think and work in a manner that helps companies achieve a definite goal. Simply put, AI is the best simple machine to have ever been created by and for mankind. Combining AI with IoT could just bring the revolution everyone hoped for.

Types of AI:

Reactive machines

Limited memory

Theory of mind


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Cutting Edge Graphic & Software Solution

Innovative software solutions to empower your business. Get outstanding services at amazing rates from a leading software company in Nepal.

Our services are: Graphic Design, iOS Development, Email Marketing, WordPress Development and Search Engine Optimization

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Logo design for FreshMart

Logo design for FreshMart

A creative logo design for FreshMart – Fresh & Friendly food business based in Kathmandu. Uses the title font Futura and subtitle font Comforta. The logo gives a clear message of freshness of food items. It consists of green leaf, orange carrot and red strawberry. The three color balls has added a bit of abstractness to the design.

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Fix mac mail app crashing hanging problem by deleting Mail’s Envelope Index

Fix mac mail app crashing hanging problem by deleting Mail’s Envelope Index

Have you been frustrated by Mac OS X crashing or hanging? This happens to me from time to time, even though I keep OS X updated to the latest version. Well, I found a fix that works for me anyway, and you might try it.

Besides the strange bugs that seem to have plagued on Apple OS X from time to time over the last several generations of OS X, and, the matter of Gmail’s non-standard IMAP implementation, I’ve found something that seems to work for me, when starts showing the spinner, indicating a hang or crash.

I’ve found that deleting’s “envelope” index seems to alleviate crashing or hanging.

I suspect what happens is, a malformed email message is received, and hangs on processing that. I’ve found that one can delete recent messages one by one, sometimes, and this fixes the problem. But other times, just selecting the faulty message will cause a crash, so you need to take measures to fix that.

To delete your “envelope” index: first, shut down, using Force Quit if needed. Then, at the Terminal:

cd ~/Library/Mail/V5/MailData
rm -rf Envelope\ Index*
rm -rf ExternalUpdates.storedata*

N.b.: substitute V3 for V2 on OS X El Capitan, or V4 on macOS Sierra.

Finally, restart and it will show a dialog box, similar to the vintage one shown above. It takes a few minutes, but Mail will rebuild the envelope index, and this generally fixes the problems I have had.

What if it does not work?

You can also try:

Shut down Mail, delete all the locally stored mail, by deleting the IMAP folders in ~/Library/Mail/V2 (or …/V3), and restart Mail. It will re-download all your emails in those accounts.
Remove and restore the accounts themselves.

To delete the IMAP folders and all your downloaded mail, the command would be something like:

cd ~/Library/Mail/V2
rm -rf IMAP*

You can make that re-download process go much faster by setting each account to not download attachments. N.b., this is in Mail, Preferences, Accounts (select account), Advanced, uncheck “Automatically Download All Attachments”.

I hope this information helps someone with their Mac OS X troubles. Enjoy!

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