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Will robot dogs replace the real dogs?

Will robot dogs replace the real dogs?

Spot, the new robot dog by Boston Dynamics is believed to be more useful in the upcoming years. The video of Spot dancing, opening doors and pulling a truck have gone viral on YouTube.

The four-legged robot can walk up to three miles per hour, climb terrain, avoid obstacles, see 360-degrees and perform a number of programmed tasks. Boston Dynamic is selling its robot to the public for the first time in its 28-year history for $74,500. We love new innovations but, Spot is not certified safe for in-home use or intended for use near children or others who may not appreciate the hazards associated with its operations.

The Spot is not intended to be used in a way that would hurt people. Robots are however, terrible at conveying intention. Spot is a robot, not a real dog to be making it perform tasks that a real dog can do. Besides the fact that they are too expensive to pet and their sensors get confused by transparent, mirrored or very bright obstacles, they may crash into glass doors and windows, and cannot predict trajectories of moving objects, so they cannot operate around moving objects like vehicles, children and pets. Impressive capabilities come with some risks so it should be acknowledged.

Now that Spot is available in the market for real, will Spot replace the real dogs? No, they won’t. Spot is not a house pet or a toy for entertainment. Spot is certainly an investment and buyers must agree to the beneficial use of its robots before buying Spot.

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