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Launch Mobile App on App store or Play Store.

Mobile application development is complicated and there are two platform choices for launching app, which are iOS and Android. Each of these platforms have their own sets of pros and cons. The decision to launch the application on either of these platforms depends on the nature of the product, which could have significant impact on one’s success.

The moment you decide to develop and application, you might think for which platform you should build your app, which is essential to choose the right operating platform to launch an app and is not an easy choice. In order to launch apps on both the platforms, cross-platform applications can be developed. However, the success of an app depends on the downloads.  The download rates of Google Play store are higher than the iOS.

It is important to understand the audience when it comes to launching any application. If you are targeting the global market, then Google Play Store would be the best option as it dominates the global market. If you are launching your application on the basis of age, iOS can be an excellent platform for apps that target younger audiences. The functionality of the application is directly related to the feature set so the choice platform is somewhere depending upon the codes get written for the development. Android is an open source ecosystem where as Apple provide entries to apps that use Apple’s feature. In a nutshell, Google Play Store offers more flexibility to customize apps with the choice of features.

There are many other factors that come into play like app maintenance cost, the popularity of the operating system, the complexity of the app, app monetization and so on. On the basis of needs and goals of the application, the application can be launched on any platform.

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