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Folding Phones: Will They Succeed?

Folding Phones: Will They Succeed?

Foldable phones are exciting but are too mainstream products, yet. Tech companies like Samsung, Motorola and Huawei with an effort to come up with something new and exciting, foldables phone are being bombarded. Even Apple has been rumored to be working on a foldable device for the longest time.

Folding screen technology is certainly fascinating and worth keeping an eye on but technology experts suggest that waiting for the device to mature before considering to buy one is better. There are many foldables in different shapes and forms. With two screens which can be unfolded, you can get a tablet with a bigger screen, or in some phones, like Samsung’s Z Flip and Lenevo’s Motorola Razr with standard-size touch screen, a miniature screen in the outer shell shows notifications or app previews.

The benefit of a foldable phone is that one can enjoy big screen that takes up less space and it comes with many downsides. The Samsung’s first foldable phone, the Galaxy Fold broke withing days of use by tech reviewers. There is no protecting the foldable display in a real-world environment the way the phones are treated by the users. The screen has visible crease while unfolding the phones. The foldable phones are not that durable.

However, the foldable phones are getting better so it’s quite early to be predicting whether foldable phones will succeed. In few years, the foldables can come up with greater usability, effortless portability, more options, low cost and less compromises might actually increase the number of interested buyers.

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