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Do You Really Need to Learn GIT?

Git is an essential skill that you will need to learn eventually. It’s better that you learn it sooner and it’s great that you’ve already tried it. A piece of advice that I would like to give for new developers is that learn git and push you code into GitHub every day. So, do it now, create a GitHub account, learn Git, and push code every single day.

Git is a Version Control System (VCS) which allows you to track changes in your files and it simplifies working on projects with multiple people. Git is by far the large and most popular Version Control System. GitHub is a web-based Git repository which provides a free and easy place to use Git, the cloud to store your code in, and it allows you to interact with other developers on Open-Source projects.

You might be thinking, why use Git and GitHub. There are several reasons you should be using it. Your code is always available to you, no matter what computer you are using or where you are. Every version of your code is available to you. Every time you commit your code, Git remembers what has changed since the last time you saved your code. Need to revert back three months on a project for some reasons? Git make it quite easy. Also, GitHub provides you a platform to prove to recruiters and companies that you can program.

Companies and technologies around the world use Git, Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Microsoft, Netflix, Rails, Android, Linux, Zendesk and so on. Learn Git and become more hire-able and you wont regret it.

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