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Electric Cars: The Future of Cars.

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A lot of companies are working on electric car like Tesla, Nissan, Chevy, Ford, BMW, Hyundai. It seems as if the 2020s will be the decade of the electric car.  The sales of battery electric and plug-in hybrid electric cars tripped over the two-million-vehicle marks for the first time in 2019. Electric cars were moving steadily into the spotlight.

When it comes to electric cars, their range is super important, the highest electric cars are going 250 to 400. So far, Tesla is the only car company looking likely to benefit in the coming years. People have been choosing the Tesla a lot lately, which means you’re right to use the word “picking the one with great battery with the performance and fun to drive and each feature over the ones that are actually battery built”. There are also people who would drive a super minimal car with not so many bells and whistles if it went a thousand miles on a charge over the best built thing one could possibly make if it only gives 200 miles.

Big automakers have been mass producing quality cars at huge scales with great materials, awesome designs, tight tolerance but are still behind in the battery and drive train technology and the charger networks which are enough for people to not really want to leave the gas cars that they know. Tesla feels like the only financially responsible version of a premium electric car as far as convenience goes.  Tesla has gone all in on their battery technology and their drive trains, their efficiency and their years ahead on that as they have been building their battery, giga batteries, electric motors which makes it fun to drive and goes so far.  

May be in few years the median range for the electric car matches the gas car for the same price, where people would love to see take a little more investing in fit and finish and just build quality. So, people might invest in battery technology and drive trains that makes Tesla, Tesla. Eventually the others are going to start to catch up in that department which can put everyone in the same playing field in both respects. There are a lot of other things to rant about electric car.  The bottom line is that  the electric cars are coming and they are coming fast and they all ought to get better and better in all the ways they struggle.

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