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Digital Marketing and Social Media

Digital Marketing and Social Media

Digital marketing is more measurable than most forms of traditional marketing aside from direct marketing or outgoing sales calls. Digital marketing is relevant, entertaining, newsworthy with authentic content mane consumers can be connected trough any channel.

Social media is one of the channels of digital marketing which has changed the face of digital marketing for the better.  People can no longer buy captive audience with weak contents. With great contents, weather it is good PR story or great TV placement, it can reach to many audiences. If content is not good it can end up with mockery and criticism.  The good is what draws businesses to online marketing in the first place; it is affordable (even free) and effective.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ can be used as digital marketing platforms. There are SEO, email marketing, Facebook advertising and many more. Social media has become important for marketing campaigns these days as it reaches far and millions of people. Social media, if done right can boost search engine optimization plans. The better your SEO, the higher you will climb on Google’s ranking system. Once you have gained healthy following, it keeps on increasing your readers. Social media marketing is basically free marketing and impacts digital marketing in a better way as it is effective on brand promotions and more people will talk about it as the customers themselves are the best advertisers. With retweets and PR shared posts, the number of potential audiences will grow tenfold as people trust word of mouth referrals more than anything. Businesses are hence required to head with strong strategy as it can bring remarkable success.

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