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What’s Inside The Dark Web?

What comes in your mind when you hear the word “Internet”? You might think of day-to-day activities like online games, watching videos, social media, network providing information and communication facility but, it’s just a tip of an iceberg. Under the surface lies a shadowy corner of web known throughout the world as Deep web and Dark Web.

Deep Web allows anonymous use and communication which cannot be accessed through any conventional search engines as it has not been indexed by the search engines, that is, it can be only accessed by navigating directly to the URL via links or providing exact web address in to the browser. The information’s on the deep web are not intended for public consumption.  Below the deep web lies the dark web which lies within the deepest points of the internet.  The enshrouded nature and complex methodology required to access this world have effectively made it a secret world, full of salacious activity, black markets, sights, and perks limited to a select few. Thus, it has been accessed by a small minority of internet users.

Surfing through Dark Web is completely different altogether with masking software used to render a personal computer anonymous while masking identity, location, IP address, and more. The visitors utilize anonymity software such as Tor to mask their identity. Credit card number, fake passports, stolen accounts, bitcoin lottery tickets, fake coupons, weapons, social security numbers, can allegedly be sourced on the dark web. Most of the sites on the dark web have random characters along with .onion at the end of the URL.

If anyone is willing to surf through the dark web out of curiosity, never use your laptops with your personal information, use your old laptops or PC. Fake emails and usernames should be used to register yourself.  Do research more before accessing dark web and taking any risks.

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