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Apple Luxury

Apple Luxury

Just pricing the product high and selling it in luxury market doesn’t make the product or the brand selling the product luxury. The demand of the product needs to be double or more proportional to the manufacture rate in order to be a luxury product. As we all know Apple is considered to be one of the luxury brands in a tech community if not most luxurious compared to other tech brands.

Apple is a trillion-dolor company that have a high number of people in their “Apple eco-system”. They produce wide range of tech gadgets from smart phones to watches, PC and many others. They also have their own OS and many other software that make their eco-system so compatible throughout their all devices. But this does not make a brand a luxury. In fact, Apple is focusing more towards economy in this year 2020.

But why is Apple consider as a luxury brand?

Apple is very notorious in its marketing strategy as they have many times immensely priced the product high. One of the great examples is they priced the wheel kit for their Mac Pro to $700. You can get a new Macbook air laptop in $900. $700 wheels are definitely not wort it just to roll your computer around. Apple also sold the stand for their pro XDR display monitor separately for a thousand dolor.

These kind of highly priced products from apple make them out stand other tech brands and because of the vast number of people in “Apple eco-system”, they buy these products and make them a luxury brand.

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