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Is Flutter The Future of Mobile App Development?

As a developer, one would want mobile applications equally available on all platforms. Flutter is a cross-platform framework developed by Google, using Dart language, which lets you create applications for multiple platforms with one codebase Perhaps in the future, Dart and Flutter could become first-class citizens on Android and access native APIs without bridging. The future of flutter looks bright and seems to be a very promising step forward and here are a few reasons why.

Flutter is stable and trustworthy piece of technology as, even though it’s APIs are rarely changed in a breaking way, they are well documented. Flutter is so popular that its official flutter site as well as unofficial sites provide huge learning resource and has a big community with local meetups.

Flutter comes with first-class IDE support through plugins for Android Studio, IntelliJ, and Visual Studio Code. Supporting only one language can seem like a limitation for Flutter, but it’s a strength as both are controlled by Google, they influence each other and evolve together. Dart might not be as powerful as Kotlin, but it is gradually getting there. Also, The Java-like syntax of flutter makes it easy to understand for any developers. With support for more platforms approaching in big steps, especially web, Flutter might even become the best choice for creating new apps, who knows?

Flutter having a bright future doesn’t mean rewriting apps now. Nevertheless, one should give it a try and run an experiment with Google’s Flutter—what better way is there for formulating an opinion than getting hands-on experience?

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