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Flyer Design for School Business – Using Illustrator CC 2018

Well this is a very beautiful day and today we are going to develop clean and minimal flyer design for school or education business.

We are using Adobe Illustrator CC 2018 which is cutting edge vector graphic designing software. It is one of the most have software for any graphic designer today.



Now we need to have text content details, once we have that we can envision our flyer design for school. I have decided to use the ratio of 10:7 for our design. I am using the fonts Phosphate and Avenir. Having great collection of fonts make design elegant.

For design inspiration I went through several pins on pinterest. Access my pinboard for school. After couple of hours I found a great vector design of school kids from Freepik. Now that I have all the scratch for my design I fire up my Illustrator.

And after few hours of playing around with the color combination and layout I have flyer design for school.

Download the source file of school flyer design in .ai format

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