About Us

A team of brand identity developers. We create unique, symbolic and logical brands with a look and a voice. We believe creative identity design is most essential for any business to succeed. We work with our clients to identify all the possibilities where brand connects and engages with its audience. To us working from brand logo to strategy development is a journey of understanding and defining a brands importance and message.

Professionally, we create full spectrum of brand communications. We craft complete brand communication solution from naming, logo and identity to print, digital, social and corporate communications. Colour, typography, imagery, composition, scale, motion and coffee – our favourite words. We like to roll a bit more, we are non-traditional, valued for our ideas and creative engagement.

Here at Curl Labs we aim to generate all the feasible machinery equipment’s, electronic devices and their software. We think the investment of time and effort on the search of easier solution will be of fortune for all. 

  • Our software solution will drive all your machines and or human resource to make the most best and efficient output.
  • Our website will be serving all of your global consumers or clients all the time.
  • Our online marketing strategy will help you reach to all of your potential market place or groups.

Nabin Poudel