Website is one of the critical infrastructures for any organization. It helps to publish media and information for students, guardians, and visitors. In this article, you will learn to make a basic website for a school using the popular content management system WordPress. There are many ways in which one can develop a website for a school. Here you will see one of the easiest and fastest processes for web development using WordPress.

Step1. First of all, you will need a domain name. You can buy a cheap domain name starting from 99 cents from NameCheap. For school websites .edu.xx is preferable which you can get from a local domain registrar in your country.

Step 2. After having your domain name, you will need a webserver. A web server has a unique IP address. You will have to add an A record as your VPS IP address to point your domain to your VPS. A VPS holds all the information, media, databases, scripts, and applications. A VPS server is recommended for guaranteed privacy. You can get a VPS with 20GB storage just at $6 per month from InterServer. While ordering your VPS you will be asked to select the operating system and administration panel for it. For this tutorial, we will select Ubuntu 20.04 as a server OS and Plesk as an administration panel. Plesk Web Admin license can be purchased at a discounted price from for just $7 a month. After successfully ordering your new VPS, you will get a welcome email with credentials for logging into the VPS control panel and the Plesk administration panel. You will need a VPS control panel to reinstall OS, take snapshots, upgrade, and downgrade the VPS. You will need the Plesk administration panel to bind domain names, install WordPress, and create email accounts. Plesk panel also comes with several 1 click installable cloud software to utilize your VPS at the best.

Screenshot of Plesk administration panel

Step 3 After pointing your domain name to the VPS IP address. You can add your domain name inside the Plesk panel. After adding the domain name you can directly install WordPress on your domain name. Now you can log in to the WordPress administration panel and install a premium template suitable for making a school website. I love this premium theme called Bambini made for kindergarten and pre-school. You can buy this theme from the Envato market for $55.

Step 4 After purchasing the theme you can go through its documentation. It shows how to install, import demo content, and customize it.

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