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Namecheap Google Ads
TZ Fitness
Big Luca International

After adding above ads to this post. A new ad appeared on the sidebar

inmotion hosting

Google ad from inmotion hosting. Lets see what new ad I will see after publishing this.

Only one Google ad of inmotion hosting is displaying on the blog list page. No new ads. Let’s save and see again.

Still I can see only one ad from inmotion hosting. While starting this surprising experiment the domain authority of is 13.

After adding few lines above I will see if this post will get more than one or new google ad. If not I will check other posts and upload the ads screenshot below.

So this post had no new ads, and I went to another post where I have reviewed Clean My Mac software. On that post I could see new ads listed below:

Alibaba Ad

Private Internet ACCESS ad

Another Alibaba ad

StreamYard ad

TZ Fitness ad ad

This was really cool to see few need ads. Lets publish this post and see how Google ads behave

Now I found two ads on this post. One from inmotion hosting on the right sidebar and one video ad from Godaddy.

So I am checking another post about Tesla Electric Cars

On that post I could see total 6 Google ads. They are listed below:

Popular ad from

A new ad from Spire Office E-ICEBLUE at top of the page

Another version of ad
So far 3rd version of ads

Two ads from Yamaha Nepal at footer

As soon as I mentioned Tesla Electric Cars on this page two new ads of Yamaha Nepal Motorbikes appeared at the bottom.

Lets publish this post and see the ads changes.

I found total 3 Google ads, two new ads from alibaba and one ad from

Another design of Alibaba Google ads
Another ad from

This blog is using default WordPress theme called Twenty Twentyone.

Now let’s check the blog for changes in the Google ads.

There were 6 google ads. One new Google ads from

Zo.Tools Google ads first seen on this post

After talking much about Google ads now Google ads is showing me an ad related to PPC ad management.

Other five ads were from inmotion hosting, x2 and alibaba x2. Let’s check the effect now.

Now I can see 5 Google ads appeared on this post. Among them two new ads from were show at the bottom of the page.

Google ads by Panel.Seostore.Net

The other 3 ads were from inmotion hosting, godaddy video ad and Zo.Tools ad.

Let’s check the effect.

So now 6 ads are displayed. Among them one ad from Alibaba was new

Alibaba ads about google play gift card

Other ads were from x2, godaddy video ads x2 and inmotion hosting x1

Let’s check the result again.

Ok, I can gain see 6 ads. Among them 2 were new ads from Big Luca International.

Google ads by Big Luca International

Other 4 ads were from alibaba, inmotion hosting and godaddy x2.

Time to check the result again.

After the refresh, I could again see 6 Google ads. One new ad was from the Namecheap

Namecheap Private Email ad

Other 2 ads by Godaddy, one by inmotion hosting and two ads by Alibaba.

So lets see the changes.

Two new ads were seen at the bottom of the post. The ads were from vector stock.

VectorStock Google ad

Let’s check the post again for new Google ads.

Looks like it is always showing me 6 ads at max. This time the post has 3 new ads.

Google ads by Receptix, Work from home jobs

Another new version of TZ fitness Google ads

Google ad by SP Jain Global, Executive MBA (Online)

We have added these ads to our post, now let’s check the changes.

All the 6 ads were repeated so I am checking another blog post about WordPress. While navigating to the post I showed Google auto ads in full screen, after closing the ad note WordPress post I could see three news ads. The ads shown were:

Google Ads by CleanMyMac

A minimal unknown ad at the bottom of the post

A new ad of Gravity Forms by

Let’s check for new ads again

Two new version of ads were seen

Alibaba ad for google pixel xl lcd repair parts

Namecheap ad for web hosting

Let’s check the this post again.

Again we found a new ad from

Google ad of Big medical waste shredder

A new ad about medical waste shredder was shown. The ad was sponsored by Timo Technology. The ad content was “For hospital, clinic that easily disposal small volume medical waste in site in time”.

I tried to extract new keywords by typing the text from the ads above. Now let’s check the changes.

There were no new ads, lets check again.

Three new version of Receptix ads were shown as below:

Urgent hiring for online lead management professionals. Apply Now!

Work from home jobs, Earn 50K – 70K per month. Apply for part time jobs.

Best lead tracking jobs nearby.

I have added content of ads to the image description. To see how this affect the Google ads.

Another version of ads were shown for TZ fitness and Copy Col Buco

Gym equipment Manufacturer TZ Fitness

Copy col Buco

This is becoming very long post now. But still let’s continue.

I could see three new ads now

MPOWER Financing – International Student Loans – Need a loan? Fund your dreams on your own! Check your student loan eligibility now.

Fresh Cables – Premier Wires

Study Info Centre – Explore your study destination. Selecting things is not easy.

Lets update this post and see for new changes.