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Pirate Radio » The PIRATE Act

Congress is in the process of passing a non-partisan bill to increase support for enforcement against illegal pirate radio operations: Fines can now go as high as $2 million, and the FCC will fund “enforcement sweeps” in major radio markets. Does this target...

Pirate Radio » Dial up!

How the Hmong diaspora uses the world’s most boring technology to make something weird and wonderful. Episode two of The Verge’s Pirate Radio mini-series featuring Mia Sato. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

Pirate Radio » Outside the wire

When the US entered Afghanistan, local DJs were hired to help with the war effort. And when the American military pulled out, they abandoned those voices, leaving many of them for dead. Episode 1 of The Verge‘s Pirate Radio mini-series featuring Chris...