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Happy Mother’s Day

We wish all the Mother a great day and year ahead. The most pure bond of love is between a Mother and Child. We shall always be thankful to our Mother for giving us life, love and care. Today is the day to make Mother feel important, this is a very special day. We hope everybody will celebrate today with their family at home with Mother.

Graphic Design,

Nepali New Year Greeting Card

First of all we would like to wish all the Nepalese Happy New Year 2075. May this year brings more prosperity and development in our country. This greeting card is made using Adobe Illustrator and fonts Adobe Devnagari and Preeti. Feel free to share this greeting to your friends and family. Have a wonderful year ahead.


See you on the other side Sir Stephen Hawking

Sir you had always been a greatest inspiration for our generation. Your findings has taken mankind more closer to the reality. A totally unfair life for you has finally come to an end. The energy that you have given in your lifetime will certainly come back to you and bring you back. See you on the other side Sir.